Good African Coffee advises farmers on good coffee crop husbandry. This includes weeding, pruning of older trees, inter cropping with other suitable food crops, and encouraging tree shading. We also demonstrate good water and soil management practices, disease and pest control, and mulching to reduce soil erosion.

All farmers' training is carried out by using local and organic inputs while pilot demonstration farms (one in each group) have been set up to practically demonstrate all the recommended agro?practices including the use of special tools. Other group members can then learn from the demonstration farm and apply the lessons learned to their own smallholdings.

This initiative has significantly improved the household incomes of local farmers and has contributed to the mitigation of 3 major local environmental hazards which have been threatening local communities:
  1. Curbing the poaching of protected animals and other species in the 2 listed National parks.
  2. Erosion of mountain slopes caused by mis-management of soil and water resources.
  3. Bio degradation resulting from the felling of preserved trees for timber and bush burning to encourage the growth of fresh pastures.
  4. These environmental threats have been exacerbated by the endemic poverty in the farming communities and the impact of poor prices that the farmers were receiving for their coffee.
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