Central Plains This Classic, richly roasted blend produces a well rounded, sweet and lively flavoured coffee with good acidity.

The central plains lie between the lush forested slopes of the Aberdare Mountains and the snow - capped peaks and glaciers of Mount Kenya.

This coffee is of medium grind and suitable for plungers and cafetiers:

Filter Method

  1. Start with fresh cold water
  2. Measure 2 level table spoons (2*12.5 ml) of ground coffee per 400 mls of water (Adjusting to taste)
Note : Follow coffee machine manufacturers' guidelines.

Plunger Method

  1. Remove lid and plunger, warm jug with boiling water
  2. Measure 2 level tablespoons (2*12.5 mls) of ground coffee per 200 mls of water(Adjusting to taste)
  3. Pour in freshly boiled, but not boiling water
  4. Allow the coffee to infuse for 2 - 4 minutes before depressing the plunger
  5. Enjoy the coffee’s full flavor by serving it immediately

This is full bdied with exciting caramel, citric and floral flavours, high acidity and a lingering after taste.

Product Icons

Label Meaning Description
Filter method Filter method Ideal for brewing
Plunger Method Plunger method Ideal for brewing
Strength Level Strength level Medium strength
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