Espresso Roast This Espresso roast blend combines the finest Ugandan Arabica and Robusta beans, slow roasted to perfection, producing a unique African Espresso with a well rounded taste.

This coffee is expertly roasted to ensure freshness, grind before use. It is only ideal for espresso machines.

Espresso Machine

  1. Fill your machines' water tank with cold clear water ( filtered water is recommended)
  2. If you are grinding your own beans, use a good quality grinder on the finest setting
  3. Compress the coffee firmly in the filter holder, ensuring that it is evenly distributed
  4. Clean off any excess coffee grounds before placing the filter holder into the machine
  5. Extraction time should be between 20 - 30 seconds
  6. The espresso should have a caramel colored crema forming on top

This blend is full bodied, with dark chocolate and caramel flavours, medium high but citric acidity with a bite in the finish and balancing all through.

Product Icons

Label Meaning Description
Mocha pot Mocha pot Ideal for making espresso
Strength Level Strength level Medium to strong coffee
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