Rukoki Gold

Rukoki Gold This medium dark roast coffee is exciting, strong, yet smooth with hints of fruity overtones.

Rukoki is a region high up on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda where the moist, cool climate enables farmers to produce distinctive Arabica coffees.

Preparation Methods

This coffee is of medium grind and suitable for plungers and cafetiers:

Filter Method

  1. Start with fresh cold water
  2. Measure 2 level table spoons (2*12.5 ml) of ground coffee per 400 mls of water (Adjusting to taste)
Note : Follow coffee machine manufacturers' guidelines.

Plunger Method

  1. Remove lid and plunger, warm jug with boiling water
  2. Measure 2 level tablespoons (2*12.5 mls) of ground coffee per 200 mls of water (Adjusting to taste)
  3. Pour in freshly boiled, but not boiling water and allow the coffee to infuse for 2 - 4 minutes before depressing the plunger
  4. Enjoy the coffee's full flavor by serving it immediately.

Tasting Notes

This coffee is well known to have rich heavy body, light acidity and well balanced dark chocolate flavors. It is a great ideal coffee for a hard day’s work.

Product Icons

Label Meaning Description
Filter method Filter method Ideal for brewing
Mocha pot Mocha pot Ideal for making espresso
Strength Level Strength level Medium to strong coffee
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