Good African roasting is the key stage where the characteristic taste, aroma and final flavor of the bean is developed. In the roasting process, nothing affects coffee flavor more than how the green "raw" beans have been roasted.

We take good and experienced care while handling all the different types of roasts which range as follows:
  • Medium roast
  • Medium dark roast
  • Dark roast

It is the length of the roasting time and the temperature of the process which determines the fullness of the flavor, acidity, aroma and depth of color of the beans.We take great care as the process nears completion to ensure that the beans are not burnt.

This is the last stage in coffee production line in the factory. It is very critical as it determines the overall quality of the product. At Good African, we pack both whole beans and ground coffee.

The following steps are involved:
  • Labeling and stamping
  • Filling
  • Weighing
  • Grinding
  • Sealing
  • Packing in cartons
  • Dispatch

- The above procedures suit roasted coffee.
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