Mr. Muhindo Alozious
EXTRA JOB: Maths teacher local secondary school

BORN: December 1974

"Good African Coffee has trained farmers to produce better coffee and get better prices in the future. In the past due to poor maintenance our coffee was not getting good prices.

I knew after getting the idea Good African would give me the knowledge to produce better coffee and help me increase my income. Then I knew I was going to develop after getting more income then I would be able to pay school fees for their better future.

I have hope because if we continue maintaining our coffee our prices will be much better and my coffee has started producing good seeds. The coffee has improved, and then the soil, I am a farmer on slopes and my soil was carried away to the lower slopes but now I have trenches and I can maintain my land.

Please continue to buy our Coffee it is the only source of income around here."
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