Mr. Charles Kahitison
BORN: April 1971, father died in 1979 when Charles was 8yrs old, mother passed away in 1985, named for his father. One of 6 boys & 4 girls, lived with mother after death of father, land he is living on now was passed to him on his mother?s death.

MARRIED: 1994 to Biirabetty Kahitson

CHILDREN: 3 boys & 2 girls

Produces: Coffee and Bananas (Matoke)

"Good African I heard when it came here last year, I had to join them I joined because it was coming to buy my produce. Much as I am a farmer I have all the coffee, but I had no good market and when I heard Good African Coffee paid a good price of course I couldn't join any other company. I have realized they are coming to do great things for Coffee farmers,  I have seen it is a company that is coming directly to the grass roots to mobilize farmers and to make sure they process their coffee to get better quality coffee and better markets. It has come to integrate farmers in a way that when we are integrated we can support one another, like making saving which we had never done before. So I have high hopes.
I have started to make my own bricks and come out of the shack that you have seen."
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