Mr. Julius Mugoha
BORN: February 1959

MARRIED: December 1979, to Kabuho Sabesi

CHILDREN: 3 girls, 1 boy


"I heard of Good African through Prime West, they said they wanted to buy our coffee for a long time. We joined because we have so many problems. They have come to help us improve our coffee quality, in the past we would dry coffee on the ground, and it would get very dirty. They came up with an idea to process coffee when it is wet, it s not very laborious it would take about 10 days to dry, but in the old days it could take up to 30 ? 40 days to dry, it was really very laborious.

We still have a lot of hope because with Good African, we are working partners and they are telling us how to keep on improving our coffee, in 2-3 years our coffee farms shall be very good. When Good African came in we were selling parchment coffee at Ug sh 1,500 ($0.75) now we are selling at nearly Ug sh 3,700 ($1.85) which is over double. Good African is a company we can support ad we need it very much. They have given us a lot of information and

The farmers would like to continue with them. The message for people on the outside who buy our coffee is that they should continue buying it because when they buy it they are buying from Good African but really they are buying indirectly from me, and I really am benefiting so this is very beneficial to me and they should look for the brand Good African"
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