Mr. Masereka Kanex
BORN: December 1970

MARRIED: April 1994 to Mbambu Piridasi

CHILDREN: 1 girl, 4 boys

FARMING AREA: 1.5 acres

" We had some visitors who came to show us how to get better prices by changing to a modern method of cleaning the coffee.

We have high hopes because if we can improve the health and quality of the coffee, Good African will take it to new markets and we will get a better price.

The message is please we have more coffee and the farmers are ready to supply much more if you can find people to drink our coffee. Then we can pay our school fees and not have financial problems.

We are producing and we are improving. We are attending workshops, they come and see us and give us advice not like in the past when people would buy our coffee and leave. I'm happy with Good African and they should stay with us."
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