Mr. Stanley Kule
BORN: October 1966

MARRIED: January 1991 to Biira Aida

CHILDREN: 2 girls, 2 boys


"We heard first some news that Good African were coming and we received them.
They told us how it works and we are much determined, we joined it. Coffee is the major crop we are producing but because there was no market we were very poor, so when they told us we can process our coffee and there was a market we saw things would be better, we saw that pulping the coffee was a good method and it was better otherwise most of our coffee would have been spoiled. We have a lot of hopes because now we are managing ourselves, and we are clearing some of the debts we had before Good African appeared.

I am happy because I am contributing for my family affairs, I am constructing and will be able to diversify in agriculture. I produced the highest yield in this area, and I hope to build a water conserving tank.

I request Good African to continue buying from us."
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