Mrs. Rosemary Muranga
EXTRA JOB: Teaches English, and is involved with community work through the church

BORN: November 1979

MARRIED: February 2001 to Muranga Samuel


"We came to know Good African; the members came and taught us how to plant the coffee and care for it. I joined because I wanted to sell my coffee and the company was purchasing coffee at a good price. I hope they will increase the price. When they buy the coffee they are also helping with the transport of the coffee. There are very many things that make me happy about that company, because they teach us about how to care for our coffee, and how we can know that the coffee is affected by a certain disease and how we can dig trenches that help when the rain comes and is trapped by the trenches so the water does not run away and so the yield increases. We are requesting you to buy our coffee because it is a way for us to get an income and earn our living."
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