To be a leading African agribusiness producing quality products for the global market and using trade to bring about sustainable community development.

  • To sell the finest African agro products bought direct from the growers at prices that ensure they make a profitable return on their harvest.
  • To operate our company on a sustainable financial basis within a framework of commercial best practices that places community empowerment at the heart of our business.
  • To create value for our farmers and their communities by investing a guaranteed portion of our profits in sustainable projects.
  • To train our farmers in agricultural best practices, and enable them to improve their crop quality and overall farm productivity.

Good African strives to adhere to Christian values rooted in the biblical principles of Love, Respect, Humility and Generosity.

We believe that if we conduct our business according to these principles we can create genuine and sustainable community transformation.

We also believe that we are here on earth for a purpose greater than our own subjective and individual needs; a purpose that recognizes that we all are inheritors of this earth and that we all share one destiny. If we sow kindness, love, and respect, we shall reap the fruits of what we sow - a kinder, more gentle and respectful world.

We aim to be a blessing in the lives of those with whom we do and share business. Our prayer is to be known as having made a contribution to improving the living conditions of the communities where we work.
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